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【Project: The Lost Rivers of Tokyo】仮死化/可視化する緑道



The aim for this project is to recapture the ecosystem (if there is such a thing) of the city Tokyo, by visiting the Ryokudos (a promenade that used to be a river) in Tokyo. Thus, the title of the project in English is The Lost Rivers of Tokyo.



The Japanese title仮死化/可視化する緑道(kashika suru ryokudo) has a word play, using two different words that are pronounced the same. The first 仮死化( read as kashika) literally means apparent death. The second可視化means to visualize.  

So the title points to a ryokudo that is apparently dead, and is also a manifesto to visualize the lost rivers. 




This project has just begun, and I still do not know how it will end, or even if I can successfully end this project, but in doing so, I am hoping that this project will some how shed light to a new (or old ) aspect of our life in a metropolis, Tokyo.  



So is Tokyo merely a house of cards, or rather a metropolis that co-exists with rivers and canals like Venice, or is it a Delirious New York without a grid?

I believe that one way of finding the answer is in anaylizing the ryokudos.






11th of December, 2013